Why choose bookeex ?

World's Only Fully Integrated Product Range Covering Daily Operations, Distribution, Marketing & Analysis .

World Wide Customer

Above 1000+ clients in 5+ countries in less than 2 years , Adding client almost every alternate week .We have solutions available for Small , Medium and Star hotels , Resorts , Service apartment and Guest house.

Grows With You

Scalable enterprise-ready PMS Solution that is packed with advanced features that will help your hotels to grow. Customizable and configurable features adapt PMS to your way of doing business. BookeeX Hotel PMS is integrated with Robust full fledged ERP system . This is an offering that no other hotel software vendor can give your hotel. With our HOTEL ERP, your hotel can seamlessly access solutions like business intelligence, revenue management, Asset management, distribution platform, central reservation system,Inventory Management , spa solution,HRMS and accounting and many more. These solutions are uniquely integrated to help your hotel increase room occupancy, keep operational costs in check, increase customer satisfaction and enhance revenue.

Futuristic Technology

The notion of traditional Hotel Operation is quickly evolving. While generic and so-called services offering may have sufficed a handful of years ago, this is no longer the case. Guests are now demanding more personalised options so that properties can meet their discrete requirements.

Furthermore, the rise of the digital community signifies that competition is rife. Hotels therefore need to leverage the resources and systems at their disposal if they hope to retain loyal clients. Hotel technology is playing a significant role and its presence is only expected to increase in the coming years.

We at bookeex encourage our customer to use handful of technology upgradation and we are offering

  • Smart Hotels
  • Service Automation
  • Facial Recognition Technology
  • Guest Apps
  • Voice Searches
  • Chatbots
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Virtual Reality (VR)

Innovative Integration

BookeeX has a host of connectors readily available help you take-off faster. Following is the brief on some of the connectors which are favourite and demand by many BookeeX users. BookeeX is a API READY SOLUTION which integrated with various 3rd party solution like

  • Payment getway
  • Emails service provider
  • Google
  • SMS
  • Dropbox
  • Amazon
  • Digital Door lock
  • IP Camera /TV

Ready Localization

Software localization means translation of a software interface and messages to another language plus adaptation of some formats (e.g. measures, dates and currency) plus adaptation to local cultures. Bookeex already set it's foot hold in many country .our growing presence is in INDIA , US , BHUTAN , NEPAL , INDONESIA.


Feature-packed high-powered PMS at an affordable transparent price that delivers the highest price-performance value. Powerful enterprise-grade features and priced for small to mid level Hotels .Our Price Model based on the rooms of the hotel .
We don’t offer individual module prices, rather offer fully integrated all in place PMS systems .To know more about our price please talk to our expert .