Property Management System

The guest travel journey started by choosing a destination while simultaneously selecting hotel. That pre-stay selection and booking interaction, their on-property engagement with the hotel and its staff, their in-room experience, and their sharing of feedback on social media or review Platforms post-stay are all part of their guest experience. Today's hotel PMS solutions help hoteliers deliver the experience guests want, while efficiently managing their business. Hotel PMS offers many benefits for a hotelier's business.

Our hotel PMS software has earned the trust and encouragement of hoteliers operating across all continents

Here are the few benefits of our PMS
  • We offer cloud hotel PMS software to ensure clarity and accessibility of data and reports to the hotel owners.
  • Very sort implementation onboarding process which take your property live with faster implementation of the hotel PMS system.
  • Integration capabilities of the hotel PMS software allows you to work with a host of third-party solutions.
  • Secure hotel data on the cloud .All your data is encrypted.
  • Helps you go mobile to manage operations on the go.
  • Timely support to ensure that the property management system is up and running all the time

Property Management System Features

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Our Flexible Check In and Check out Process enable front desk and Receptionist to do it quickly and efficiently through web chekIn , Mobile Checkin and Tablate Base Check in System .

The most effective tool for improving Housekeeping service quality in any business.Increase housekeeping efficiency with instant updates on housekeeping mobile and Tablet devices when customers check out, freeing up rooms for Auto cleaning. Enable greater flexibility with room clean ness & management and improve response time for room-service tasks. Identify and manage room-maintenance notification, ensuring rooms are clean and in perfect condition . It can consolidate real-time tracking of operational excellence activities and guest satisfaction Bookeex Housekeeping module is actionable and relevant for any service business.

Increase hotel room occupancy and manage average daily rate through real-time rate chart master and availability management across all available distribution channels. Boost sales through direct booking channels OTS and your brand websites.

  •  Single Booking
  •  Group Booking
  •  Corporate Booking
With our unique booking system , The single interface of Bookeex allows you to manage all types of Reservations, Walk-Ins and Group Bookings with an easy drag and drop booking system . For Corporate booking System hotels can create SPECIAL DISCOUNT RULES and apply those discounts to a specific corporate guest . System has provision to create corporate billing as well so that Corporate guests can reimburse those amounts from the organization itself .

BookeeX provides robust marketing and guest data management tools to efficiently manage guest data . Segment those guest data to a specific group , use those data for various marketing promotions like Email marketing , Event promotion , Coupon distribution ,Discount promotion .Event Announcement etc.

With the PMS system , Hoteliers can manage all kinds of Local Travel agents and commissions . Similarly they can manage Various OTA’s and their booking and commission form the single platform .

System has provision to easily set up the offered rate and meal plans in the PMS system. Further, hoteliers will be able to sell those rate plans as packages.

With the robust Integration , Bookeex PMS has a provision to directly connect with your Hotel website ,Digital Media , from where booking are generated .This way hoteliers can manage all their sales enquiry from a single place .It has provision to generate quotations.

BookeeX has a provision to manage Fixed Asset and tracking with depreciation, asset allocation and movement tracking.

Hoteliers can create different type of user accounts and manage user access privileges to restrict various action of important data to other staff members with the help of the hotel property management system.

Bookeex has a Provision to keep record of any Lost happen in the hotel ,once it will recover, it can be intimate to the concerned person or department to collect .

BookeeX has Integrated tools to manage Hotel Staff and their Payroll ,We have the following facilities within the system i.e Leave and Attendance Tracking, Expense Claims, Salary and Payroll, Recruitment, Performance and more. Our Payroll Entry enables bulk processing of payroll for hotel employees in other words, processing salary slips of all employees in one go.

Hoteliers can Manage accounts, transactions and taxes easily with BookeeX Accounts . With the Accounts module Hoteliers can manage their Details accounting /charts /and Financial Reports .

We have Report Builder is an in-built report customization tool in BookeeX. This allows you to define specific fields of the form which shall be added in the report. Also you can set required filters, sorting and give preferred name to report. Not only this we have Various set of report like .
  •  Guest Report
  •  Sales Report
  •  Commission Report
  •  Night Audit Report
  •  Finance Report
  •  Daily Transaction Report
  •  Booking Report
  •  TAX & GST Reports
  •  Inventory Report
  •  Police Report
  •  Adjustment /Cancel Report etc

Bookeex has a strong Inventory solution Hoteliers can manage Inventory with hierarchical location tree, stock movements, serials and batches .

BookeeX PMS also integrates effortlessly with a 3rd Party POS system. The integration allows easy flow of data including transferring charges from your restaurant to the guest folio. It takes care of your room service needs without any special efforts.

You can create any number of tax slabs in the system and add/edit them at any given time. In tax slab, you can define the amount range which would be taxed, the percentage amount can be edited at any given time. Tax/charges in hotel software system will automatically charge the tax rate once the night audit done, which takes care of your day to day finances. Depending on your preference or requirement, you can set up the charges inclusive or exclusive of taxes.

Once your guest has checked out, the system will send an auto generated thank you email from the system with a feedback form which can be accessed by the guest from their PC, Tablet or Mobile. This Feedback Module is integrated with FrontDesk ,which will synchronize organically with all of the auto email templates. In addition, each of the form can be customized according to the process and the feedback from the guest is automatically updated in the system for review.

Notification can alert Housekeeping , accountis ,Administration for various activity like “ Wakeup call “ Renewal Date reminder “ Pending payment ,Housekeeping Notification ,CheckIn and Checkout Notification .

Case Studies

when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book. It has survived not only five centuries

Chokers Austrelian Bistro & Bar

We released a brand new website , online point of sales & online table booking solution for Chokers Austrelian Bistro & Bar .
Our online restaurant reservation system is a feature-rich web solution which enables usersto set.
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Sagar Raj Reosrt

Sagar Raj Resort , located in Purulia , West Bengal willing to launch a very very interactive website for their customer . Which can help them to increase website bookings, revenue and conversion rate with the profitable rooms booking engine. We as Hotel Tech Solution organization bring innovative solutions .
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Anutri Hill Resort

Autri Group is one of the leading hotel chain groups in Eastern India , They planned a newly fresh website for their customers with an Online Booking and Payment solution along with backend Property Management System .
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