Powerful interactive dashboards always at your service

We have Data Driven Interactive dashboard for all your user role , It can give you to total picture of the hotel's current scenario based on the access and role . Multiple out of the box models such as regression, deep neural nets, decision trees, clustering, text analysis, and others are available for the user to get insights from. Improve model accuracies through data transformation and feature engineering available in the platform. We offer advanced analytics capabilities. We have the most advanced Big Data analytics platform in the market today with features such as Out-of-the-box ML models, Real-time/Real-stream insights, NLP, Auto-association of data etc. It is the ‘fastest performance’ platform in this space and is powered by a scalable, distributed and event-driven architecture.

Search Room

Search Room can help to front desk person to quickly search the room just to put the room no or category or date or name of the guest

Quick Info

Easily keep a track of all the transaction taking place at your hotel including Guest In House,Recent Bookings,Task Allocated ,Reservations for today , tomorrow and yesterday ,Room Status ,All Transactions

Expanded View

This view help front desk people to see the all the upcoming guest details along with room information . Front desk executive can can take advance booking for next 2 years form the single window .

Calendar View

Calendar views can give the power to the hoteliers to book the room , extend the room , change the room by just a few clicks .

Room View

The Room view will let you keep an eye on the all the rooms at your property by giving you a detailed display of ‘up to the minute’ status.

Graph and Chart View

The quick and efficient static interface provides you with a statistical as well as a graphical live summary of all the rooms and inventory.

Availability and Rate Chart

At the hotel front office, one of the most important feature that you require is the rates and availability of rooms at your property. Bookeex PMS gives you all this data at your fingertips, including specific searching criteria , Sorting displaying all available inventory with their rates and seasonal rate chart as well.

Booking on the go

Room reservation is the most crucial part of Hotel operation we have single booking , Group booking as well as corporate booking option to manage your room booking easily and quickly without losing any important data .

We have various type of Booking Provision

  • Single Booking
  • Group Booking
  • Corporate Booking with Corporate Membership
  • Special privilege Booking