What has the hotel management app got for you?

Bringing all your hotel operations at your fingertips, the hotel PMS mobile app will let you take care of your hotel conveniently.

Owner Online Live Reporting

As a hotel owner , you have to update about hotel information and yet at the same time monitoring and managing all the department ,sales, procurement information .Our Revolutionary apps help you manage and track all your critical information from your mobile apps itself

Check In Checkout Report

:Our owner apps helps you manage and check all bookings and reservations via a single apps with the related operations in a simple way which is important to run a hotel business.You can get all checkin and check out details by just clicking few buttons.

Income Expanse Report

Hoteliers can do sound management of all revenue operations, producing accurate and timely numerical information for your hotel accounts department.

Expected Chekout

Apps can help hoteliers to know todays expected checkout details .Based on the checkout details hoteliers can predict future revenue plan.

Profit Report

In our Owner Apps , you can run the report across multiple year / period to compare the values. You can also check values for a specific Finance Book, Project or Cost Center. You can also choose any other currency to display the balances. If you are running the report to see quarterly / monthly balances, you can choose whether you want to show accumulated balances or only for each period.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction is key thing in any hotel business .Customer review in various platform can help hoteliers get repeat customer .Hotelier can get all the review details form the same platform and understand the key rectification area .which can help hoteliers to act on those area proactively.

Advance Booking Report

Hotelies can get a report of Advance booking and easily access the folio details and payment history form the same location.

Expected Revenue

Our Internal Analytic Platform can help you to get expected revenue details and remove all your guess work . You can get almost 97% accurate report form the system itself.

Expanse and Bill PaymentReport

Through the apps, Owner can get access of of all bill payment yet to happen, and Already done.Also owner can see the expenses made by the count department.

Booking Report from Various Sources

You can get Source wise Booking report and the commission to be paid to that particular source.You can get all the related details of the OTA commission, Agent commission.

Stock Consumation Report

Daily Stock is very important factor for a hotel . Hoteliers can get access of those information so that he or she can be up-to-date about the inventory purchase and consumption.