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Hotel industry is data rich industry

Hotel industry is data rich industry that captures huge volumes of different types of data. However, for most hoteliers data remains under-used and under-appreciated asset. Many capture loyalty information of the customer , but few hoteliers go deep in analytics to develop of more granular understanding of customer's needs. preferences, and identify new opportunities to attract new curves of the customer reaction .

Analytics in hotel industry

Analytics in hotel industry is often used to segment guests according to booking trends, behavior and other factors in order to reveal their likelihood to respond to promotions and emerging travel trends. It is vitally important for hoteliers to be able to understand guest preferences (locations, activities, and room types), purchase behavior (frequency, length of stay, time of year) and profit potential in order to increase the brand loyalty and wallet share of their most valuable guests.

Analytics to truly be a game changer

For analytics to truly be a game changer, hospitality organizations need to recognize the difference between reactive and proactive decision making. Using their historical data they can create reports, drill-downs or alerts to keep a finger on the pulse of their patrons, but real difference is made by using advanced analytics that can help hotels figure out why things are happening, show what will happen next, and even lead to the best alternative action considering all of the operating constraints.

Analytics in hotel industry

Dig Dipper and turn guest experience into competitive advantage.

Analytics to truly be a game changer

Dig Dipper and turn guest experience into competitive advantage.

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Five ways big data makes a better hotel

While a steady stream of revenue is important, it’s not the only indicator of success. Below are five ways – including revenue growth – that hotel companies are benefiting from analytics technology.

Better Forecasting (and More Revenue)

Better Yield Management

Better Expense Management

Better Customer Satisfaction

Better Marketing Effectiveness