What is Sentiment Analysis ?

Whether you like it or not, guest reviews are becoming a prominent factor affecting people’s bookings/purchases behavior .

Think about your past hotel booking experience. When you were looking for a place to stay for a vacation on Expedia/ Trivago /Booking/ Trip Advisor, what did you do? I am willing to bet you’d be scrolling down the screen to check on the reviews before you knew it.

As a hotel business owner or employee, if you still have doubts about how important guest reviews impacts the business, it may be worth checking out some stats:

If any business wants to sustain in the market for a longer period than their customer’s reviews are the key indicators for their business. In the future NLP plays very crucial role in business because in 10 out of 9 people using mobiles for their daily shopping, social media posts ,movie ticket booking, hospital appointment , Hotel booking etc. Every day petabytes of unstructured data generating in the web if we extract some useful information from that unstructured data that can be useful for business growth.

Sentiment Analysis which is also known as opinion mining is a data mining technique. It helps you detect likes, dislikes, emotions, and opinions and is often applied to social media, reviews, blogs, forum posts, chats, and simila rsources.

Why is it very important to Hoteliers?

Motion creates Emotion. In a Hotel, this is a critical concept. The only way to differentiate your service actions from competitors is to consistently take action that is linked directly to your company’s core values. Bookeex Sentiment Analysis service Perform is built to serve this purpose. A flexible, fully serviced technology that allows a hotel team to customize questions that represent the values and beliefs that set them apart. With unlimited testing capabilities, Bookeex Perform acts as a catalyst for hotels in creating powerful, effortless action that is tracked in real-time and organized to clearly and dynamically evaluate a teams strengths and weaknesses. We have number of way to bring the unstructured data about your hotel into the web whether that is bad or good , we will analyses those data and give you the actionable insights .We will perform hundred to technique like Server, Data Scraping feedback collection. will generate offer to force customer to give their feedback etc .

How does Sentiment Analysis help Hotels to improve their booking ?

Guest reviews clearly influence people’s booking decision, which means, you’d better pay attention to what people are saying about your hotel! Being a responsible Hotelier if you start improve all those KPI where you are getting below average rating, that will certainly improve the customer experience .Proper reputation management will also help hoteliers to keep your hotel reputation intact .