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Property management system

Bookeex PMS system is easy-to-use and easy to adapt property management system . It has a number of intuitive tools to help you manage not only your property but also your Staff , Guest and Channels . The Bookeex PMS includes customized permissions by role, a cash drawer for managing transactions and a user-friendly housekeeping module.Easy Interface with in-house Point of sales to manage your food bills as well .

  • Number of help video and Article
  • A dedicated onboarding specialist
  • 24*7 support
  • On demand training session

Booking engine

Bookeexs’ booking engine makes your website the best place for direct guests booking, while saving you money. Get more direct bookings and commission with OTAs.Customize the look of your booking engine to match your branding, ensuring the experience is seamless.

  • Convert website visitors into bookings
  • Increase your upsell revenue with extra services
  • Process payments instantly and securely
  • Everything is in sync with your rate plan master

Point of sales

OYIPOS Restaurant Management System will take your restaurant to the next level through feature-rich and adaptive solutions. The cloud-based POS system will help you streamline your services while focusing on customer experience.... It can help to serve your Hotel Guest and Walking guest without overlapping anything . Robust features like menu management, table reservation management ,Inventory control , Billing and KOT ,BOT and others will make your complex operations easy to carry out on a daily basis. Read more

  • Manage multiple menus
  • Menu groups and sub-groups
  • Item rates
  • Modifiers
  • Roster
  • Reports
  • Marketing Automation

Online table booking system

Let your customers book a cozy table online and make them feel special by ensuring a comfortable and discreet service. The round-the-clock restaurant reservation system provides an interactive seats map of your premises. Launch special promos and discounts and attract new clients!

Online Table Booking integrated with your website

  • Online Payment
  • Voucher Redeem Option
  • Marketing Automation
  • Floor Plan Management
  • SMS & EMAIL Automation

Hotel data analytic tools

Data is vitally important to any modern business, but how you look at your data and what you decide to do with it makes all the difference. Today, any hotel with a website or some OTA or social media presence already has access to amazing quantities of data. Google Analytics can tell you what’s happening on your hotel website.,PMS,OTA, Facebook can help you... interact with customers. So the question today becomes: How do you look at your data? We at bookeex use Big Data Analytic tools to help hoteliers to Understand , compare and take corrective action and to make better decisions making .Like for Example, Customer Reviews on TripAdvisor, whether we like them or not, can influence the decision-making process for prospective guests. Yet if we were to try to analyse this data, there’d be a lot of manual effort,So we use our Big data analytic tools to give better insight and actionable suggestion to the Hoteliers . Read more

When you learn to organize, analyze, and apply the right hotel data, you can:

  • Create a better experience for guests
  • Book more rooms and group events
  • Outsmart your competition
  • Grow your bottom line

Hotel chat bot

Having a chatbot means that your guests can get on-demand information in a natural and conversational way, 24/7 and in just one click, and the chances of losing a guest during the booking journey reduce considerably.It can help guests with a variety of things, from online check-in, to letting them know their rooms are ready.We provide full-fledged AI based Chat Bot Custom service for Hotelier .It can help in many way like ..

  • 24*7 availability for your new customer
  • Increase booking conversions and reduce abandonment
  • Reduce workload of your staff
  • Enhanced guest communication
  • Improved profiling of guests

World's only fully integrated product range for hospitality sector

World's only fully integrated product range covering daily Operations, Distribution, Marketing & Analysis for Hotel, Motel, Cafe, Restaurant, Pub, Wine Shop, Food Delivery, Manufacturer .

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Take control of your bookings with our most innovative drag and drop calendar feature

Reduce manual errors and save time by automatically updating your availability across all channels with a click. Bookeex PMS helps you avoid errors by automating repetitive, manual tasks .

  • Extend your guest stay
  • Change guest room
  • Update reservation details
  • Give discount on the Go

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